Notes on Craft and Collaboration: Reflections on the Digital Realm as a Site for Collaboration

by Sonja Dahl, Jovencio de la Paz, and Stacy Jo Scott
Published in Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture, 14:1, June 2016

Imagine constructing a clay vessel by whispering its form into the ear of the potter. The resulting vessel—a translated thing—would exist in the world as a sort of object-thought. Something made from nothing, from the ring of neurons,from the brush of one’s mouth against the ear of another, the passing of language from one mind to another. In long-distance collaboration we exchange our crude energy through subtle pathways, through the ether 
of digital networks in order to bring matter into existence, objects from thought. Skill, like all information in the digital era, shows itself as a force that desires fluidity, boundlessness and the complex generosity of the open source. Collectively written, this text outlines a terrain of thought; it is an open-ended meditation on matter and making, data and digital space, and the ways our own collaboration has learned to move within them. 

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